Like every year in September, Polymer Physics Laboratory members took part in Science Festival. This year three topics have been presented:
1.    Small is beautiful - the thing about polymer crystal
2.    The invisible world – to see by scanning electron microscope’s eye
3.    Regeneration of the knee using 3D polymer structures.
Children who visted our laboratory attend to both, lectures and laboratory shows. They had opportunity to observe crystal structures of polymers. Moreover, to present them possibilities which give scanning electron microscope, our team prepared for them various  biological preparations and some nanofibres produced in our laboratory. Finally, electrospinning process has been presented. The electrospinning process has been show from solution preparation to fiber formation. Aslo short information about our activity during Science Festival you can find on the Gimnazjum 96 website (Gimnazjum 96 in Warsaw), students of which visited us than.

20161006-DSCF2467 20160929-DSCF2361