Days of Science in Polymer Physics Laboratory


25th of September we had a pleasure to give lectures and organise lab tour for high school students. 




In the last week of September 2014, the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research organized numerous lectures and lab tours as part of Warsaw Science Days. Workers from various laboratory shared their knowledge on topics such as: the use of nano-technology, surface engineering and smart materials. Members of our laboratory presented topics related to regenerative medicine and the structure of polymeric materials. On 23rd September Dr. Tomasz Kowalczyk gave a lecture entitled ,, Does nanotechnology can change the world? Nanomaterials as a future of regenerative medicine and drug delivery systems'. 25th September prof. Łukasz Sajkiewicz and Dr. Arkadiusz Gradys led lecture ,, Small and beautiful- polymer crystals'. Students had the opportunity to observe the crystalline structure of polymers using polarizing- interference microscopes. They also learned how the properties of material affects its structur. They were acquainted with the methods of analysis such as differental scanning calorimetry (DSC). Finaly Dr Dorota Kołbuk led lecture entitled ,,Super Strength in nanoscale''. After the lecture, students had the opportunity to see a static strength test of the of polymer non-woven. After the lecture, the students were acquainted with our chemical laboratory in which the nanofibers are made. M.Sc Olga Urbanek and M.Sc Piotr Denis said few words about electrospinning and show how process is going on.  


We hope that we lectures were a nice break from the school routine and fun way to learn! We invite you next year! :D 



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